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Between meetings, deadlines, and getting the kids off to school on time, finding work-life balance is notoriously difficult. But ultimately, it just takes a little self-actualization, mindfulness, and a dose of yoga, sprinkled with a few desk-friendly stress-management tricks, to beat those off-balance blues. That’s what Triple W Forum CEO Jennifer H.G. Connelly, a certified leadership development coach and Samapatti yoga instructor, hopes you take away from her leadership retreat for working professionals. After a lengthy career in marketing and public relations, Connelly was disillusioned. “I was successful, and I was achieving things that were dreams of mine, but I felt lost—unwell,” she says. And so, she set off on a journey to find a managable integration of work and life. The result was a working-women’s workshop—what she calls the Triple W Forum—her way of bringing working women together to talk about that delicate harmony of professionalism and personal life (today the retreat serves men, too). It’s that equilibrium that Connelly believes make us more effective leaders. Her retreat in the verdant Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina starts with a Birkman Method assessment—like the Myers-Briggs test but more tuned in to what motivates people—to bring to light your leadership strengths. The retreat programs will help to crystalize those traits and help you find the balance you need to succeed. Also known as the Work Life Integration retreat, now in its tenth year, the program is made up of time in and time out. Time in includes getting to know others on the retreat, open mic nights for sharing talents or stories, and simply enjoying hiking or yoga among the trees (after all, autumn is the perfect time to get your annual leaf peeping in). The time out pieces of the puzzle are those coveted moments for yourself: Ayurveda spa treatments, experimenting in the clay studio, one-on-one coaching sessions, and, of course, daily yoga and mindfulness training. “You’ll gain a better understanding of your personal needs and how to manage them—like a breathing technique you can do at your desk or an empowering mindset or mantra to use on the way to a meeting. Little pieces of the puzzle around getting connected to your own needs and self-care. All of that can translate into your role as a leader,” says Connelly.
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